The Sears Brand

The Sears Brand

What's In a Name?

A brand is more than a simple name by which consumers know one product or service from another. Over time, a brand acquires powers far beyond a name; it becomes the visible representation of a company's image. And over the past 125 or so years, the Sears brand has come to represent quality, integrity, convenience and most importantly consumer confidence.

A Team with Depth

Certainly one of the most recognized brand names in the world, Sears has proven to be a strong and stable platform from which a number of other respected brands have been launched. The legacy of Sears today includes international recognition of names such as Kenmore, DieHard and Craftsman - Names, which like Sears itself, carry with them a heightened sense of quality and value.

Home Services

Sears' strength in the home services category has increased steadily in recent years to its current status as a multi-billion dollar business. We are the nation's largest provider of home services with more than 12 million service and installation calls made annually. And, Sears is uniquely positioned to grow the business even further. With our millions of customers, we already are an overall market share leader in this huge industry. In fact, we have the leading market share in all three segments of our home services business - product services, service contracts and home improvement services - and a growing reputation in the market place for Sears as "one central source for a houseful of services from someone you know." It's no wonder why millions of American homeowners consider Sears their "trusted advisor" for home services.

The Brand Advantage

Going to market under the high-flying Sears banner means enjoying a number of key business advantages from the very start. Sears has existing relationships with nearly half of all households in the nation. As Sears Home Services expands into an ever, larger marketplace, Sears has committed to stand firmly behind it, lending it all the benefits of research, marketing savvy and support the company's powerful status can provide. Advertising materials which leverage the brand's reputation for quality and Sears' trusted "satisfaction guarantee" have been and will continue to be developed and made available for Sears Home Services Franchisees to employ individually in their own service territories.

The Management Advantage

And, just as importantly, the entire Sears Home Services brand is under the direction and supervision of veteran home services professionals. The people making decisions that affect our franchisees are literally in the business, managing company-owned Sears Home Services operations. That means we understand the unique needs of our franchisees and we know how best to meet those needs in a timely manner. It means we have a platform for testing new systems, new products and new procedures before introducing them system-wide.

And it means your franchise is never more than a phone call away from the benefits of real-world experience and time-tested expertise.